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LR Series

LR24 2x4 RetroFit Kit

LR Series LED Retrofit Kit deliver 200,000 hours of energy savings over existing lighting—and they’re designed to be installed in less than 5 minutes! A patent-pending frame design allows for quick installation into most fluorescent without lifting the existing fixture. So you get an improved appearance and improved energy savings in no time.

Product Highlights

  • A high efficacy LED retrofit kit that will install into virtually any existing recessed fixture in less than five minutes.
  • Thin form factor wave guide and patent pending adaptor frame combine to provide a universal retrofit solution.
  • Existing fixture need not be lifted and can remain in place during the conversion. Existing components in the existing fixture can remain in place reducing disposal costs.
  • Edge-lit waveguide technology eliminates lumen depreciation from dust and pollutants associated with back lit LED luminaires.