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Product Benefits:

  • A high efficacy LED troffer with a low profile.
  • Excellent ROI.
  • 200,000+ hours (L70) of energy savings – up to 60% over T12 lamps
  • Easy installation and maintenance free.
  • Edge-lit waveguide technology eliminates lumen depreciation from dust and pollutants associated with back lit LED luminaires.
  • Low profile 2” depth enables installation into shallow plenums.
  • Raffino LSM series products produce little heat, so they do not interfere with your temperature control systems
  • Superior lumen maintenance versus traditional fluorescent and CFL bulbs
  • NO mercury or harmful gases are present in durable LEDs

Product Highlights:

  • Efficacy up to 90LM/Watt
  • L70 @ 2000,000Hrs (Projected lifetime based on TM21 Calculation)
  • 5 Year full product replacement warranty
  • ANSI (Tight Bin Selection for color consistency)
  • Rohs Compliance
  • UL (Pending)
  • 0-10 (Suggested dimmer controllers; Lutron NTFTV & Synergy ISD BC)