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LMR Series

Linear Module Retrofit 4000K

LMR 4000K Series deliver 200,000 hours of energy savings over existing lighting—and they’re designed to be installed in less than 5 minutes! A patent-pending frame design allows for quick installation into most fluorescent without lifting the existing fixture. So you get an improved appearance and improved energy savings in no time.

Product Highlights

  • The fastest return on investment available for a retrofit.
  • Leading system efficacy.
  • Lower replacement costs. Module retrofit can be replaced in 5 minutes or less.
  • Little to no disposal costs. Existing fixture need not be lifted and can remain in place during the conversion.
  • Developed in the USA. Manufactured & assembled in the USA of U.S. and imported parts.
  • Custom sizes & finishes available.

Additional Ordering Options:

  • Integrated Occupancy and Daylight & Harvesting Sensor - Field Programmable
  • Battery backup
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • Multiple dimming options available